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metro maze sky scrapers untitled 58 untitled 59 untitled 60 untitled 61 untitled 62 untitled 63 untitled 64 untitled 65 untitled 66 untitled 67 untitled 68 rain and woman with red umbrella untitled 69 life imitating art no parking downtown yonge street tripod brick untitled 70
about urban environments

I have been fortunate to spend some time in a great many cities in the States and Canada. Each city has a distinctive heartbeat and pulse, a rhythm that is unique to its' nature. I have found that even though cities do share a certain common denominator, they all speak their own language, inspiring me in different ways. Each city I visit affords me with a chance to share a story (or more) about it, to see things in a new and unfamiliar light, which in turn expands my view of the world around me and enriches the work I am able to create.